Traditional & Synthetic Stucco

Traditional stucco has been around for many, many decades and has been used as a wall covering for both interior (commonly known as plaster in the US) and exterior applications.  Most commonly used as an exterior wall covering, traditional stucco is very durable, long lasting and weather resistant.

There are two main types of stucco finishes.

  • Traditional
  • Synthetic

Traditional stucco is your basic Portland cement, lime, sand and water mixture applied over a lath base (usually wire mesh) and is typically applied in two or three coats.  The final coat can be colored or left gray to be painted.


The vast majority of homes constructed today, especially in the Southwest, utilize stucco siding, in one form or another.  Modern, Traditional, Transitional, Tuscan, Territorial, Spanish… No matter the style of the home, stucco siding is probably the most popular siding material in use today.

Stucco is a highly versatile and durable siding material option.  When applied correctly, stucco can last for many, many years.  Many times, longer than other available siding materials. Stucco has certain insulating factors that help with the cost of energy bills.  With the many different textures available, stucco can be matched to any existing finish or design.

Your biggest decision is going to be whether to choose a traditional masonry stucco or a modern synthetic stucco finish. There are pro’s & con’s to both options and you need to determine what is going to best fit your design and look that you are trying to achieve.

Feel free to contact us today to meet with one of our Stucco Specialists to go over your project and help you determine your best options.  We always provide 100% FREE written estimates.


FHR Construction Corp. is also a fully licensed and insured Commercial contractor.

Starting a new business?  Opening a new Restaurant?  Need to move a few walls around to create a new office?  Need to add on to your showroom?

Commercial Tenant Improvements are another big part of our business here at FHR Construction.  As a fully licensed and insured Commercial contractor, we have done many commercial projects throughout the valley.  From yogurt shops to medical offices, we can help you build your new office, retail, food service space to suit your individual needs.  FHR can also take care of all of the planning and construction documents necessary to get the project done.

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A traditional stucco system is commonly a little harder and more durable than a synthetic stucco system  It will hold up a little better to dings, hail, Woodpeckers, etc.  If you live on a golf course, you may have or want to consider a traditional stucco system.

Synthetic stucco is similar to, yet different than a traditional stucco system.  Synthetic stucco is commonly applied over a foam insulation board, a form of mesh (either metal or fiber) and applied in two coats.

Synthetic stucco is available in many, if not most, paint brand colors and the color is throughout the material.  This prevents it from yellowing or fading, requiring repainting over time.  Also, synthetic stucco systems are more flexible than a traditional stucco system.  This helps in preventing cracks that are almost inevitable in a traditional stucco system.

Additionally, by being more flexible, synthetic stucco is better for applying over ornate details, accents, cornerstones, etc.  It also allows for a smoother finish, if desired, and created much tighter and straighter corners.